Fr Dominic Howarth has written to parishes to announce that the Diocese has appointed Siân Thomas-Cullinan as the first Director of Caritas Diocese of Brentwood.

He says:

“Our work in serving the poorest in our communities is a vital part of our Catholic life and mission, and is ever more urgent in the Diocese. Siân was appointed as Caritas Co-ordinator in January 2021, and you have seen the fruits of her work over the last two years with various resources, support for parishioners housing Ukrainian refugees, work on Laudato Si’, and much else besides.”

Siân herself says: “Over the last two years my role as coordinator has adapted and a clear pathway has been formed in the diocese as to what the needs are and how the role of Caritas Brentwood would be implemented. This is a positive step forward in terms of the social action work of Caritas and the Diocese.”

She adds: “I feel very privileged to be directing Caritas Brentwood and proud to be doing the work I’m doing. My own passion and enthusiasm for social action will help me with the role. Basically, I am a bridge between those in need and charities within the diocese. This includes working with food banks and looking at the needs of the homeless across Essex and East London.”

Siân is currently doing a lot of work nationally as well, on the environment and refugees and how that can be implemented across the diocese at a local level.

Fr Dominic concludes: “Siân’s promotion to Director is a sign not only of her gifts and talents but also reflects the priority within the Diocese of this essential aspect of our mission. On 10 June there will be a Caritas networking day, full of inspiration, and a chance for those who volunteer in your parish to meet others engaged in similar projects, to share ideas, contacts and hope. ”

If there is a group within your parish (or parish partnership) that is seeking inspiration and ideas about charitable work or has a good news story to share, please email Siân on [email protected]