Through our Justice, Peace & Environment Group (JPEG), St Vincent De Paul and Knights of St Columba, we seek effective action to tackle poverty, marginalisation and violence. Our mission is to promote equality & love as our response to Pope Francis’ new evangelisation for spreading the message of Jesus Christ in the Gospels.

As a parish community we support:

  • the Christian Kitchen provides cooked meals and hot drinks every night to around 50 homeless and destitute people from a canteen van in a Walthamstow car park;
  • CAFOD in supporting campaigns and undertaking fundraising events during the year;
  • refugees through the Dignity Bag appeal of the charity Samara’s Aid: two annual appeals have resulted in around 500 bags of essential products for Syrian women and girls in refugee camps;
  • regular visits to the elderly, sick and isolated, offering support and friendship;
  • collections of food and clothing to distribute to those in need;
  • Pope Francis’ message in Laudate Si to safeguard our planet and we are implementing a programme of actions to achieve the status of a CAFOD LiveSimply parish;
  • new appeals around recycling used clothes for the homeless; and
  • new initiatives to help tackle issues of local youth violence.