Caritas Diocese of Brentwood is here in solidarity with the people of Turkey and Syria who have been affected by the devastating earthquakes.

Caritas Turkey, Caritas Syria and Caritas agencies in neighbouring countries, are already assisting and delivering to those affected. 

Below you will find direct links to make financial donations through Caritas and through CAFOD. This money is going directly to those in need, at the heart of the disaster.

You will also find a prayer card that can be used and downloaded here.

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake that has struck north-west Syria and Turkey has left thousands of people without shelter, food and fuel. The earthquake hit areas already in a difficult humanitarian situation and the harsh winter temperatures and the destruction or severe damage to structures – including several hospitals – and roads further complicate humanitarian operations.

The Director of Caritas Syria, explains that “in Syria, earthquake heavily impacted north-west Syria, an area where 4.1 million people depend on humanitarian assistance”. Around 5,000 displaced people, mostly women and children, have found shelter in schools and halls. The recorded deaths and injuries continue to rise as the search for missing persons among the rubble of destroyed buildings and homes continues. Hospitals in some of hardest-hit areas were overwhelmed as they worked to treat those injured by the earthquake.