The enclosed leaflet is an invitation for everyone to consider making some practical pledges to help heal the planet. Each week a pledge will focus on a different topic. Why not put the leaflet up at home to help you reflect on these challenges?

Lenten Pledges:

FOOD: During the first week of Lent the focus is in on food. Instead of giving up chocolate, maybe you could try to have one meat-free day every week (Fish on Friday) or buy more locally sourced food? We also ask you to pray for those who do not have enough to eat and those who are experiencing famine or poor harvests.

FASHION: This week we are thinking about making better use of the clothes we already have by swishing/swapping clothes with friends and family to refresh our wardrobes as well as thinking about the environmental and social impact before we buy new clothes. We also ask you to pray for those working in the textile industry, particularly in poor countries, who are subjected to long hours, low pay and dangerous working conditions.  We remember especially the many young children who are forced into such work

PLASTIC: This week we think about how our way of life produces so much plastic waste which causes pollution, particularly to our water sources.  What can you do to cut down your use of non-recyclable plastic items? We also pray for the protection of our planet and remember those who work tirelessly to clean up polluted rivers and oceans and help restore life to them.

NATURAL WORLD: God created this beautiful world for us to enjoy.  What can you do to show your love for God’s creation?  May be you can help with the tree planting at Abbotswick or support another tree planting scheme?

ENERGY: As a nation we’re already starting to take steps to reduce our energy consumption. Can we switch lights off around our houses and change to LED lights, just like we’ve done in our cathedral? We also ask you to pray for those that have no access to electricity and those who struggle with air pollution.

TRANSPORT: As we reflect on Palm Sunday, let us follow Jesus’ example and walk to church during Holy Week, if we are able.  Walking gives us valuable time to reflect on our relationship with God and an opportunity to give thanks for his wondrous nature all around us.