Get ready for a day of social action and climate justice with CAFOD, in Central London, on Saturday 23 April 2022 from 11 am.

The day will be a gathering for 18–30-year-olds based in England and Wales, interested in CAFOD’s advocacy, policy, and campaigning work.

Whether you have never heard of CAFOD, or you’ve been part of CAFOD your whole life, we invite you to join us for an opportunity to learn about global food systems, its links to the climate crisis and poverty, how these problems can be addressed and the role that the Catholic Church can play.

We will also share with you how our campaign for a new Business, Human Rights and Environment Act is going post COP26 and how you can help us amplify this message to secure this critical piece of legislation through the UK Government.

The day will be an opportunity to share in faith and learn how to effectively campaign against current injustices.

Continuing in the spirit of Synodality, we aim to listen, learn, connect, and grow in knowledge, wisdom, and faith with one another. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

Register here: