There are many different ways you can support your parish throughout the year.

Recent developments with Covid- 19 especially highlight the ways in which we can all reach out, pull together to help in our parishes and local communities, ways which are now more important than ever.

Andrew Merchant, who works at BBC Essex Faith programme ( Sunday 6am -9am) recently interviewed Jenny Clayton from SVP last week for a series of Lent reflections on how we can do more for Lent rather than less. The topic was loneliness.

However in light of the recent recommendations for many of our beneficiaries to go into isolation we have agreed that following the broadcast of the pre-recorded content they will speak to Jenny for a live interview for an update on how this has changed in response to the Coronavirus. This Sunday live at 6:30am and repeated at 8:40am.

The SVP are offering  befriending services to a wider audience and that instead of visiting in person it will be done by telephone. SVP are also offering practical assistance such as help with shopping and collecting prescriptions. They will also be extending our work with families in need, as many will find this period even more difficult than normal due to job losses, children home from school, etc.

Our local Springfield SVP Facebook page is:

Any parishes around the diocese who need support in what to do during this time are welcome to contact Jenny about setting up an Emergency SVP group to help those in need. 


Jenny Clayton 

Membership Development Officer – Brentwood Diocese 

St Vincent De Paul Society (England & Wales) 

Mob: 07796 393131 

[email protected]