Thank you to Bishop Alan and parishes for extending and supporting the Crib exposition in churches across the diocese until 2nd February 2019.

As we kneel at the crib we see the baby Jesus, arms outstretched as if longing to be picked up for a cuddle. There are two messages in this image: firstly, that God is reaching out to us in the birth of his son; and secondly that we can encounter him in all those who need to be ‘picked up’, to experience love and care.

The money raised for bccs through our churches crib collections helps bccs in reaching out to those in need of a particular kind of support. There are an increasing number of young people who need this support, who need to know that they are loved and valued, that there are people who care for them, that they do not need to suffer alone. The services bccs has been providing for the past 35 years are able to meet a real need, at the time when it is needed, in a professional and compassionate way. This is only possible thanks to the dedication of the staff, the unstinting efforts of volunteers, and the extraordinary generosity of so many supporters.

When you look at the crib, please think not only of the Christ-child, but all those children who need the kind of support bccs offers, and if there is a collection basket nearby, please be as generous as you can!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our work,

God bless,

Bernadette and the bccs team