The Great Big Green Week kicks off on Saturday 24th September.

Sustainable Danbury is hosting three events during the week.

All events are at the Danbury Sports & Social Club starting at 8pm

Monday 26 Sept: Electric Vehicles

This talk will cover the full spectrum of EV’s from their history, through the technical design aspects of modern EVs, including range and charging as well as the wider implications for the environment and the electricity supply system.

Wednesday 28th Sept: Danbury Ridge Ecology

This talk will cover the ecology of the wider Danbury Ridge area from the geology, and historical land use through to its current state.  The talk will also cover the many ecosystems in the area and how these are being managed.

Thursday 29th Sept: My carbon footprint  This talk will cover how you can calculate your own carbon footprint.  From the basics of where our energy comes from today and where it will come from in the future to the actions, we can take to minimise our personal carbon footprints.  We are all on a journey to Net Zero and this talk will give you some building blocks on how to plan yours.

Best regards, The Sustainable Danbury team