February 12th 2019, 4pm-6pm

The Centre for Theology & Community, St George-in-the-East, London

Thinking through Practice: Testing the utility of the common good in the field of homelessness and housing

Image courtesy of Depaul International

The workshop will explore the relationship between CST as thought and CST in practice, using the concept of the common good and the experience of faith- based work on housing and homelessness. It will be interactive, inviting participants to share their own experience and insights. Taking one concept and field, we will explore how CST is useful and used, and what insights emerge when practice speaks back. The aim is to find a wider set of relationships between teaching, thought and practice. What use is CST as we face the growing reality of homelessness and housing crisis?

The workshop will be led by Pat Jones

Pat Jones has recently completed a PhD at Durham University in which she undertook empirical research with six homelessness charities connected to Catholic social vision and structures.

To book a place please email:  [email protected]