Homelessness is a harsh reality for too many individuals in our society. Particularly in Newham, which has the highest levels of homelessness in the country. Having a place to stay where you feel safe and secure is something everyone should have.

At Your Place, like so many others in our Diocese, they are committed to helping the people in our community.

In Your Place services, a person experiencing homelessness can get specialist help to feel supported on their journey. They can heal their trauma, address their health issues, access financial help, job opportunities and a support network, and build the confidence, skills and self-belief to get to a better place.

Their Direct Access Assessment Hub, which forms part of the borough’s support pathway for those experiencing rough sleeping, works with people without a place to call their own in Newham. People are referred to the hub through outreach teams, and we provide holistic support to people in the areas they need.

People like Danley, who become homeless after a relationship breakdown. Danley was sleeping rough when outreach teams connected him with our Hub.

“I soon settled in and started to make friends. I felt very safe living there and was able to access other services that they provided. I participated in a number of employability and life-skills sessions which helped me to boost my confidence and taught me how to be independent.

“For the first time, my dreams seem to be achievable. I feel empowered, independent and successful, even though I have not reached where I want to be yet.”

The hub provides direct support and works in partnership with specialist services so that residents can access the resources they need to get to a better place. This can focus on support relating to physical and mental health, migrants and refugees, domestic abuse and modern slavery, and accessing public funds where required. The hub work and approach are strength-based and person-centred, and trauma and gender-informed, recognising the experiences and needs of each person.

As the hub’s purpose is to provide direct access assessments, we work with people for 12 weeks before they are supported to move on to longer-term accommodation. It’s a crucial service getting people off the streets as quickly as possible, and providing immediate support to those who need it most. Often they move into another Your Place service, depending on their needs, which was the case for Danley. He stayed in two of their services, before leaving for a new chapter in a home of his own when he was ready.

For many people like Danley, Your Place can help turn homelessness into hope. One person at a time.

To make a donation towards our work click HERE, or read more of Danley’s story HERE.