Caritas Diocese of Brentwood is here in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Caritas Ukraine, and Caritas agencies in neighbouring countries, are already helping people affected by this conflict so what can we do in the UK and within our Diocese to help?

Housing Refugees: click here to view the latest information.

Donate money

Below are direct links to donate money to verified organisations assisting people in Ukraine’s conflict zones.

Creative Fundraising

Why not consider how your school or parish could take part in some creative fundraising, as another way to support the people of Ukraine. This is a great way to share the value of doing things for others, inspiring people, and strengthening ties within your local community. Schools and parishes across the Diocese have already been coming up with some great ideas from hosting soup kitchens, making ribbons and selling badges, having bake sales, hosting quizzes and raffles, sponsored walks, and organising non-uniform days. Please email us and let us know what you are doing to fundraise so we can share this good news with the Diocese also.

To see what people have already done, click here


Pray for all those affected

Pope Francis has encouraged us to have a particular time of prayer during this season of Lent, focused on those in areas of conflict currently. He says “Our prayer and fasting will be a plea for peace in Ukraine, bearing in mind that peace in the world always begins with our personal conversion, following Christ.

“O Lord, you see in secret, and you reward us beyond our every expectation. Hear the prayers of those who trust in you, especially the lowly, those sorely tried, and those who suffer and flee before the roar of weapons. Restore peace to our hearts; once again, grant your peace to our days. Amen.”