Chris Bendon our late Steward of the Gospel was a founder member of the Tallinding Health Centre charity. He had visited Gambia several times until his recent death and kept us updated on the work at the health centre for children and pregnant women.     We committed to sponsoring the annual salary of an SRN. This has had a positive impact on the work of the clinic. Our fund-raising has also supported the programme to reduce the occurrence of malaria, and to provide health education, not funded by the statutory authorities.  We hear that our regular donations make it possible for the Centre to maintain and develop it work. We have continued to keep in touch with the clinic through Marion and a colleague ~ Robert Simpson who will be visiting the parish in the New Year 2019, to update us on the work of the clinic. Our main work is in fund raising. Individuals have organised different activities and events. We now make collecting donations a regular feature of our second collections at Mass.

There is now a project proposal to build an immunisation/vaccination centre; public health office and a vaccine store. This will allow the centre to move the lab out of the main building especially as so many samples are being taken to the lab which is currently located next to the ward. These are all areas in which your contribution is paramount. THANK YOU!

Volunteers would be most welcome in maintaining contact with Robert and keeping the parish updated about the current work and developments of the clinic.  New members of the events committee also welcome for various fund raising / social activities.