Raising awareness of homelessness in Essex and East London is crucial to helping our young people and adults have a collective sense of responsibility within the community. Homelessness is a complex issue with deep-rooted causes, ranging from economic challenges to mental health issues. By shedding light on those experiencing homelessness, we can rid stereotypes, challenge misconceptions, and encourage a better understanding of helping those in need in this area. All this will help us to support local initiatives, charities, and government programs aimed at providing shelter, resources, and long-term solutions – creating a more well-informed and compassionate community.

Your chance to help the homeless and young people in our Diocese.

Over the last few years young people, leaders and catechists have spent time fundraising and even spending the night sleeping out in gardens, car parks and on school fields to better understand how it feels for those sleeping rough throughout the Diocese, as well as raising thousands of pounds to help local homeless charities.

  1. Host your own “Sponsored Sleepout” (For more information and resources click here)
  2. Have a non-uniform day
  3. Host a quiz night
  4. Have a bake sale
  5. Fairtrade coffee morning
  6. Take part in a Sponsored Walk
  7. Volunteer to raise awareness
  8. Speak to your year group / local parish
  9. Hosting a Lenten Lunch

Money raised from these events will go towards supporting the homeless charities across Essex and East London.

If you have any questions about running your own Sleepout, you are welcome to email [email protected] for more information and resources.